Ben Cromer Communications offers several seminars that will enhance your internal and external communications:

 * Web Content Development is a new seminar designed to help your company focus on what's important in a Web site.  Indeed, many companies enlist the services of Web developers who understand the technical requirements of the Internet but who do not understand the business of the Web.  For instance, does your Web site make it easier for customers to find what they need?  Do the text and graphics on your site effectively communicate your message to customers?  These are some of the issues we'll discuss in the seminar, giving you insight into how best to represent your company's products and services on the Web.

 * Successful Business Writing is a concise, half-day training seminar with tips about good grammar and effective writing that can improve the quality of your letters, reports, memos, and sales presentations.  Writing skills are critical to success in today's highly competitive business environment.  And because time is money, we'll provide practical information to help you capture their thoughts on paper, ensuring that your  message is not lost in the wind.